About Us - Dana & Heather

Crest Properties is a boutique firm that manages 50+ properties in San Diego County, focusing on long-term management of residential properties.

Our approach is simple: build value for owners, while treating tenants like peers. Crest Properties balances the need to maintain the value of a property with the need of the owner to generate cash flow.

Together, Dana & Heather Robinson are a dynamic team. They have been successful business partners, as well as happily married, for over 30 years. During their three decades together, they have been deeply involved in property management, having owned over 100 doors of long-term rental properties. The duo also owned Mission Sands and Mission Vacation, two highly successful short-term rental property management firms.

Dana is a successful attorney with 20 years of practice. He is the designated broker for the real estate and property management business, and sometimes the sheriff that every property owner needs when there’s trouble brewing. As a result, Dana has a deep knowledge of real estate as both an investor and broker. Heather is a hands-on manager with a rolodex of contractors, handymen, and other resources that make her the perfect fit for property owners who want to put their assets in the hands of a capable and compassionate manager. Heather takes pride in nurturing long-term relationships with her property owners, as well as her tenants.


At Crest Properties, we pledge to always give you the same top-notch quality service.

While we have long-term and multi-property discounts, you will always receive our all when it comes to caring property management.

Our standard package is 8% of rent a month plus industry-standard fees.